Challenging and future-oriented!

The Higher Technical College Hollabrunn sees itself as an offer to the youth to make their professional career successful and future-oriented. After the completion of the 8th grade, young people face the important decision to take a job or choose another type of school.

Exciting training in technical occupational fields can be the forward-looking solution. We offer two extremely attractive models:

The five-year higher vocational school with final a-levels and VET diploma examination or the four-year technical school with final exam similar to o-levels. These two models take into account both the theory-oriented and the more practice-oriented inclinations of young people.

The school offers two other courses which enable graduates of other types of education (graduates of grammar schools, apprenticeships or of four year technical courses) to achieve both the a-levels and the VET diploma in only two years of education. Thus our graduates achieve a certain degree, which is regulated in the trade regulations and at the same time associated with professional qualification.

According to our motto "technology in the focus of youth" we provide students with an understanding of technical activities, procedures and constructions, combined with technical background knowledge. By doing so, we emphasize communicating globally. Our educational work promotes general knowledge, presentation and communication skills, contemporary foreign languages as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the development of our students is another educational concern of ours.