„Just get everything! Economics, Technology, Logistics and Computer Science!“

By connecting economics, technology, logistics and computer science, the Department of Industrial Engineering prepares you for the future in the best possible way, as we provide comprehensive knowledge in all four areas.

This is where future entrepreneurs obtain the necessary knowledge to be successful.

Our slogan "Mädchen in die Technik" ("Girls fit for Technology") depicts the image of our department quite well since we have always had the highest proportion of girls.

In the Department of Industrial Engineering, a comprehensive knowledge of the world of business and technology is taught. A basic knowledge of these disciplines will provide you with an overview of what goes on in all areas of a company. In the process you will learn to manage production and supply chains, to operate sustainably and ecologically, to ensure smooth IT processes, and to develop software to optimize those processes.

The students of the Department of Industrial Engineering can focus either on Business Informatics or Logistics.


Our graduates can be found in a plethora of professions.

It is only in the course of their training that many of our students recognize their strengths and interests.

As our training is open to all sectors, it provides the best qualifications for the job market.

Industry Sectors

» Logistics service providers
» Information Technology
» International trade
» Energy and environmental technology
» Robotics
» Mechanical Engineering
» Electrical Engineering

Fields of Activity

» Project and Process Management
» Software Engineering
» Warehouse and transport management
» Purchasing and Sales
» Controlling and Accounting
» Planning and construction
» Senior activities
» Company formation and management