„We develop software, design media, protect data and manage networks.“


Digitalization has become an integral component in many occupational fields from Industry 4.0 to the services sector. Any new ideas concerning digitalization are implemented by IT-experts. That is why all industries seek well trained specialists for their IT-teams. The required IT expertise is taught in the department of Information Technology.

There is special emphasis on the acquisition of a variety of programing languages in order to program platforms and systems. The focus is also on the effective and attractive design of electronic media to ensure many followers are reached. After a change of perspective, students will now be  trained to hack networks in order to learn how to better protect data and crucial information from cyber-attacks on the job. To that end, a plethora of skills and knowledge in network technology is required.

Within the field of Information Technology, students have the ability to choose from modules according to their personal preference such as Multimedia and Web Design / IT-Security / Game-Design or Smart Devices.

The job opportunities for IT professionals are excellent. For digitization in the service sector and in Industry 4.0, employees are sought in the most diverse IT sectors.

Industry sectors

» IT companies

» marketing and web design

» communication and network technology

» IT security

» gaming industry

» Banks and Insurance

» Industry 4.0


» software development

» Media and game design

» Network Management

» IT project management

» IT services

» system Administration