“We design hardware, develop software and manage computer networks.”

As digitalization is becoming ubiquitous, technical innovations such as the industry 4.0, cloud working, or self-driving cars are gaining importance as well. The department of electronics and computer technology educates students in these future-oriented sectors to prepare them for the challenges of today’s working world.

Our students learn how to develop efficient software, design the necessary hardware for electronic circuits and manage computer networks in order to obtain guaranteed electronic systems skills that are useful in daily life.

By allowing the students to choose from a variety of modules such as the internet of things, robotics and autonomous vehicles, web computing, mobile applications or IT security, the pupils can focus on the field that interests them most.


Our graduates are sought – after in companies of all sizes not only in Austria, but throughout the world. They are employed in all organizational levels in the fields of digitalization and industry 4.0. Other common sectors of employment are informatics, communication technology, automobile electronics and automation technology. They mainly work on hardware as well as software development, computer and network support or the technical and the commercial sector.


» computer science

» communication electronics

» automation technology

» traffic and automobile electronics

» technical event management, ...

Fields of occupation

» hardware and software development

» network management

» digital systems for measurement and control

» quality control and assurance

» technical and commercial sector