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Hightech Revolution in Healthcare

On 4 May 2009, students of the Electronics Department of the HTL Hollabrunn visited Otto Bock HealthCare, a company which develops and produces prosthetic limbs.

After a company presentation, we were taken on a guided tour through the company's production facilities. The first product presented was an advanced version of an artificial knee, which is part of their latest project, the C-leg. The C-leg is based on a sophisticated hydraulic system and controlled by highly developed sensors and microprocessors. Made of lightweight composite materials, the C-leg gives amputees back a high degree of mobility.

Then the guide introduced the dynamic arm, which is another high quality product of Otto Bock. In contrast to the C-leg, the dynamic arm is an active artificial limb whose servo motors are controlled by electrodes attached to the remaining muscles of the amputee's arm or chest. This prosthetic arm allows very accurate movements, such as holding a glass or catching a Frisbee.

The visit to Otto Bock HealthCare was highly informative because this company engages in the development of state-of-the-art technology.

Bericht: Thomas Lurf